Hello again Cleveland Rocks for Charity attendees!
If you made it this far you must be interested in ShotStop Body Armor Plates. But before you go to the SHOP page there are a couple things to remember:

1. ShotStop Ballistics, LLC is local and based out of Stow Ohio. Go to their website for more information about them here – www.shotstop.com. ShotStop® is extending special discounted pricing for attendees of the Lorain County Blue Foundation (details below), but discounted pricing is good only for 30 days AFTER the Cleveland Rocks 4Charity 2018 event. After that the coupons expire. Unfortunately there will be no exceptions.

2. ShotStop® offers three levels of Body Armor Plates: Duritium III+HCS, Duritium III+PPA & Duritium III+PPGT. Each plate passing NIJ 3+ testing. The only difference is weight/thickness which determines plate cost. After adding the plate(s) to your CART please APPLY the appropriate Coupon Code below and the discount and free shipping will be applied. You may purchase as many plates as you wish; the code will be applied to every plate!

3. If you have any questions, please use the Contact Form below and we will assist you shortly.

Coupon codes:

Bulletproof Backpack Insert – SOFT

Use Coupon code: crfc30bpis

$120 + Free shipping!


Bulletproof Backpack Insert – RIGID

Use Coupon code: crfc30bpir

$120 + Free shipping!


Ballistic Clipboard

Use Coupon code: crfc30clip

$130 + Free shipping!


Duritium III+HCS – Body Plates

Use Coupon code: crfc30hcs

$25 off ShotStop Body Plates – Duritium III+HCS – 8×10 / 10×12 sizes + Free shipping!


Duritium III+PPA – Body Plates

Use Coupon code: crfc30ppa

$50 off ShotStop Body Plates – Duritium III+PPA – 8×10 / 10×12 sizes + Free shipping!




THANK YOU for your business and support of ShotStop Ballistics!

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